Saint Mark Evangelican Lutheran Church - Saint Mark Cares
Welcome. Worship. Witness. A photo of Saint Marks Lutheran Church

You are Welcomed and Invited!

St. Mark Evangelical Lutheran Church has many possibilities for you to grow in faith and service to God. On this website you are able to surf and find the information about many of those opportunities.

We first welcome and invite you to attend worship with us. Worship is at the center of what we are called to do. We come together frequently as a congregation to worship to give thanks to God and to proclaim Christ’s life, death and resurrection. Come and worship with us!

Second, we welcome and invite you to participate in our many activities and service opportunities. St. Mark Cares is part of our mission, and there are a number of opportunities to serve God and neighbor through the many social ministries here at St. Mark, for many of which we partner with and through other organizations, churches, and places of worship. Let us together make a difference!

Third, we welcome and invite you to participate one or more of our faith formation offerings. There is something for individuals of all ages. Come and See that the Lord is good!

Lastly, we welcome and invite you to participate in one or more of our fellowship opportunities. From hanging out after or before church to going out monthly for lunch, or just hanging out and playing games and sharing your famous appetizer. Jesus fed the 5000 with a few loaves and two fish, let us gather around God’s blessing.

St. Mark has been present in the West End of Davenport since 1922. We pray that the presence of Christ’s Church brings comfort and peace to the community in which we live and serve. We are known for the large north facing window which depicts Christ, the Good Shepherd, and we light that window each night, so that all may know of Christ’s love.

Come and join us! We look forward to journeying with you!